QA and Support Pro’s: A Match Made in Heaven? QA и саппорт

Доклад принят в программу конференции
Roel Van de Paar
Dream Computers Pty

Roel has 25 years experience in IT & business, 9 years of leading teams, and 5 years in hiring & building teams. He worked for companies like Oracle, Volvo, Sun, Percona, Siemens, Karat and now MariaDB and Dream Computers in various senior, principal, lead and managerial roles. Roel is an expert in Linux, databases, QA and automation. He also regularly writes for CloudSavvyIT, a How-To Geek sister site.


Quality assurance and support professionals share a lot of common ground. They both have to understand the product's goals and features, be able to identify issues, and have a thorough understanding of the procedures for interacting with users — from support calls to bug reports.

In this talk, learn how these two jobs can work together better to create a great customer experience.

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