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How to Automate Routine Tasks Using Bash

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Sharpen your Bash scripting skills and learn how to customize your scripts for improved task automation on Linux systems.

“With some creativity and ingenuity, almost any task can be automated with Bash.”

This talk will discuss how to automate routine tasks with Bash at a medium to advanced level. It will cover various advanced Bash commands and show how they can be used to accomplish complex and repetitive tasks. Attendees will also discover how to make their automation scripts more efficient.

The key Bash features the speaker will discuss include pipes, conditionals and looping, advanced Bash idioms, xargs, sed, and regular expressions. We will also explore parallel processing and script optimization.

Duration: ~60-90 minutes.

Roel Van de Paar

Dream Computers Pty

Roel has 25 years experience in IT & business, 9 years of leading teams, and 5 years in hiring & building teams. He worked for companies like Oracle, Volvo, Sun, Percona, Siemens, Karat and now MariaDB and Dream Computers in various senior, principal, lead and managerial roles. Roel is an expert in Linux, databases, QA and automation. He also regularly writes for CloudSavvyIT, a How-To Geek sister site.

Dream Computers Pty