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How do we do it? Testing and Verifying bugs for released software

QA и саппорт

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Анализ пользовательских сообщений о багах: как его проводить и документировать. Как помочь пользователю собрать необходимую информацию и сделать на её основе воспроизводимый тест.


In this talk, I'm going to share my experience for bugs testing and verification, User expectation and issue analysis.
* Verification approach to get it in the right direction.
* Tool we use to test these products bugs with some examples.
* Verification documentation, Why it has great significance in the process?
* Challenges of testing and verifying community bug reports.
* How the QA team can reduce bug inflow for software after release.

I'm working as a Bug analyst and Support engineer at Percona. As a part of my job along with handling customer issues, I work on bugs verification for all Percona products like Percona MySQL server, PXC cluster, PXB backup, Percona toolkit, and PMM monitoring tool.